What makes us different

The world is full of great software development companies you can use, but very few to partner with. See why we can be your ideal Partner

    We are blessed having a very qualified team; many of them joined the company at its early stages. This is creating extreme loyalty and harmony in our work environment.

    • Our resources cover the entire software engineering cycle: (team leaders, architects, developers, testers,...).
    • Our technology spectrum is very wide.
    • We have a very recognized ability to learn fast and work with new technologies and frameworks.

    • We Provide a Class-A communication layer.
    • We use instant communication tools in emergencies (WhatsApp, Mattermost, Slack) in addition to traditional Project management applications (Teamwork, Trello and Basecamp).
    • We guarantee at least three-hour overlap with our clients' time zones.
    • We always put clarity, honesty, and directness in the first place.

    • We complement digital agencies and software companies with technical resources when needed. We understand exactly how to balance the roles on both sides (onshore-offshore).
    • We require the least to act. For us, a high vision and a scope is a great starting point.
    • We provide very strong top and middle management layers.
    • We collaborate effectively with all projects stakeholders. Feel free to use us for an entire project or just for back-end development, and let your own team focus on front-end development, project management and QA.

    • We have our own “capacity development” program; a mix between technical, managerial, psychological and soft skills sessions that qualify resources to work in the international market, and in the shortest time.
    • We have great connections with major universities, NGOs, and software communities in the region, allowing us to easily reach potential talents.
    • We are recognized as one of the best companies that care about its staff, with a unique organizational culture that is attractive for talents.

    • Since our start, we had a crystal clear core mission: “We will make a global impact”.
    • We invested a lot in creating a culture that strengthens our relations with our clients.
    • We believe that we are more than just a software solutions house, we truly partner with our clients. We are “dedicated to your success”.

    • We provide an unconditional money-back guarantee within the first 14 days in case our performance was not up to our clients expectations.
    • In many cases we even don’t request down-payment if we are dealing with a technology stack that is new to us (we do proof of concepts first). We usually don’t accept projects unless we have a big confidence that we will execute well.